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Footscan Laser Technology

“Precise, accurate and reproducible results”

“Exact and specific results for each and every patient”

“Footscan lasers producing 3D images”

“Real life photos produced by the iCube”

Our Podiatry practice prides itself on precise, accurate and reproducible results. Results that are exact and specific for each and every individual patient. To achieve this we have the latest technology in orthotic prescription techniques. Footscan lasers are used within an iCube to image all contours of your foot allowing us to produce 3D images from which your orthotics are developed. This is done by the use of 8 individual laser cameras within an iCube. Throughout your initial consultation, if orthotics are required as part of your management plan, we will laser scan your feet and review the 3D image with you explaining all aspects of this process.

Real life photos are also produced by the iCube allowing us to specifically accommodate any bony prominences, joint problems or soft tissues lesions in the padding on the orthotics. This is the most accurate way of ensuring correct results hence helping to offload those injured tissues, allowing reduced direct weight bearing load and improving healing time of injuries.

We have a 20 year long standing relationship with the Footwork Podiatric Laboratory – this company is committed to providing service to Podiatrists and their clients which is both a high level of quality and technology that is beyond standard and traditional levels.