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Footwear & Orthoses

“What is the right shoe for me?”

“Do I need extra support/do I need orthotics”

“Orthotics, insoles, footbeds, arch supports – which one is best?”

Busy active lives, sporting load, hard surfaces, tight muscles, sore bodies – it often all starts from the ground up. What we put on our feet – our shoes – and what we do with our feet – our walking pattern and posture – can make a big difference to the everyday stress we experience in our body.

There is a mine field of information and advertising about shoes – what gives you the best support during the day and what is the best shoe to play sport in?

What insole, padding or orthotic is right for you? Should it be an off-the-shelf insole or a custom-made orthotic? Or, is just the right type of shoe all you need?

Our Podiatrists know shoes and most importantly, they will be able to advise you on the best shoe for your specific foot type. Following an assessment of your posture and walking/running pattern (biomechanics), we will advise you on the correct shoe style and type to give you the best level of support where you need it and suited to your lifestyle, sport and the surfaces you work or play sport on.

If you are injured, then the correct shoe is a big part of helping your body be supported and cushioned as you heal, repair and strengthen.

Orthotics (insoles, footbeds, arch supports) are placed in your shoes to provide that extra level of support and cushioning. Many people require accurate change to their biomechanics and lower limb posture, and this can only be achieved by the correct style and type of orthotic for you. A specific individual assessment by our Podiatrists is recommended to determine weather orthoses are right for you and which one is best. They play a very important role in the management and prevention of injury and lower limb pain.

Our Podiatrists prescribe a wide range of orthoses – flexible, semirigid, cushioned, off-the shelf, generic and fully customised prescription devices. We will work with you to determine what will be the right orthotic for you depending on your injury, age (allowing for growth and change in children), posture, footwear, and sport. Costs and level of health insurance will also be considered.