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“Helping you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.”

“Essential footcare, assessment and screening.”

“Helping to identify those that are at risk of developing foot problems and complications.”

“All major diabetic complications are preventable.”

Diabetes is a chronic condition which affects many areas of your body, your general health and lifestyle, and can have significant effects on the feet. People with Diabetes should place a high level of importance on looking after their feet and what they can do to prevent complications.

Diabetes can affect the blood supply to our lower extremity hence increasing the risk of delayed healing time, and an increase risk of infection. If this is not addressed promptly, wounds and ulcers could develop, and in some cases, there may also be a long term risk of amputation. This is complicated further by the effects that Diabetes can have on the nerve supply and sensation to our feet and lower limb – Diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Poor awareness of your feet due to numbness and altered sensation, can lead to sores, injuries and infections going unnoticed.

What should you do to look after your feet?

Seeing your Podiatrist regularly will help manage and prevent diabetic complications and will ensure ongoing footcare. Our Podiatrists see a wide range of Diabetic patients from those requiring basic footcare for skin and toenails, to the newly diabetic patient who needs a full diabetic screening and education on their condition and related foot issues. We also recommend that those who have not had a full Podiatry and foot screening review in the last 12 months, see us for an update and review.

We offer a 1hour comprehensive consultation which involves assessment of your blood supply, sensation and touch, and integrity of your skin, nails and foot structure. It is important to remember that the best way to prevent diabetic complications is to keep consistent blood glucose level control and to monitor this daily as well as regular GP reviews on general health related issues, stress, weight management, exercise and diet.

As part of our Diabetic care, all patients receive:

  • Education brochure and handout
  • Trouble shooters guide –“When should I see my Podiatrist?”
  • A personalised forward treatment plan and advice for the next 18months
  • Patient’s GP’s will also receive a detail report of all aspects of their screening and treatment plans.

We work with a team approach and with your GP, Diabetic Educator, Dietician and Specialists will aim to achieve the best health outcomes for you.