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Childrens Posture

“Realistic approach to suit busy families”

“Total postural examination from the hip to the foot”

“What is to be expected at a certain age”

“Is there a development or postural concern”

Protecting your children from pain and injury, and allowing optimal physical development is of utmost importance. From those very first steps, to the development of walking, running and coordinated play, foot posture and leg alignment is a central component. Many children have delayed or unstable early walking (age 1-5years), due to:

  • excessive flat foot posture
  • intoeing/pigeon toe walking (related to hip rotations)
  • ligamentous laxity
  • knocked knees (hip-knee angle variation).

Some problems do not became apparent until the child’s activity level increases in primary school and throughout those years of increased sporting activity (age 5-12 years). It is also during these years that growth plates and growth centres are actively changing, and combined with poor lower limb posture, many children will experience lower limb pain and possibly injury:

Our Podiatrists have many years of experience in the assessment of children’s walking and posture.

What is to be expected at a certain age and what might be a developmental or postural concern?

We have a busy paediatric practice with strong links to our local maternal health nurses, experienced physiotherapists, and paediatric orthopaedic specialists.

It is important to remember that all children at some time, have uneven walking and running patterns – we will determine if this is within the range expected for a child age and developmental stage. Our assessment of all children is very thorough, and involves examination from the hip to foot. We are realistic with our approach and will tailor all treatments to suit a busy families.