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Philippa Savvides


Philippa has a strong interest and is experienced in the assessment of lower limb biomechanics and sporting injuries – children and adults. Philippa has a competitive sporting background in both long distance running, triathlons, and netball; enabling her to relate specifically to the athlete and management of sporting injury.

Coaching experience at both local and representative netball levels gives Philippa the ability to understand the demands of your sport and tailor rehabilitation return to sport programs.

With a strong commitment to education, Philippa runs sessions for our local netball teams and sporting clubs.

Trained in the use of Extracoporeal Shockwave therapy the treatment of heel pain, plantarfasciitis and chronic tendon injury.

Additional qualifications in dry needling and acupuncture techniques for the treatment of soft tissue injury, foot and lower leg pain.

Philippa oversees our Diabetes Risk Factor Screening and Assessment program.

Philippa consults Mon-Thurs, including evening appointments.