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“Our feet house a quarter of the bones of our entire body”

“On average, a person will walk approx. 128000kms in a lifetime – more that three times around the earth”

“Our feet absorb 1.5-2 times our body weight during walking and up to 4 times our body weight when jogging”

“The first signs of many diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes, can show signs in the feet.”

Our Podiatry practice has been established for over 16 years providing comprehensive foot care to both the sporting and non-sporting person. The diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb pain and injuries, is a central component of our service as well as preventative treatment plans in all aspects of general footcare. Our Podiatrists have a strong commitment to pain and problem-free lower limb health to enable you to achieve your life style and activity/sporting goals.

We treat a wide range of problems including:

  • Heel pain/heel spur/plantarfasciitis
  • Knee pain (patella tracking pain syndrome)
  • Arch pain
  • Stress fractures (foot and lower leg)
  • Ankle injuries and Achilles tendon pain
  • Shin and calf injuries
  • Corns and calluses
  • Nail and skin infections
  • Boney problems (bunions and hammer toes).
  • Footwear advice.
  • Biomechanical (walking/posture) concerns.
  • Children’s walking, postural development and pain.
  • Pre pointe dance assessments.
  • Full diabetes assessment with preventative plan.


Our Podiatrists


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Please note a GP referral is not required to see a Podiatrist.

We offer private health insurance rebates and hicaps for those with extras.